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The ZQN is a certification for dental laboratories, which manufacture high-quality dentures by an exact definition of requirements profile.

A biocompatible denture is created by using high-quality, long-lasting materials and theirs flawlessly manufacture, whereas the insertion of strange materials brings constantly with it the risk of intolerance. With the help of systematic, scientific process technology, the Greulich Laboratory, as a board member, manufactures dentures, according to the ZQN guidelines and therefore the dentures do not lose their tolerating and homogenous character. Long-lasting, high-quality and the patients demand for a tolerated and therefore biocompatible denture is the incentive of Christian Greulich and the foundation for his entire service spectrum.

Biocompatible cannot be just one material, but is the amount of the complete denture that man already wears and will receive.
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Sabath

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On the Website of Sabath Dentalforschung you can find out more about certified proof of quality (ZQN) and the manufacture of biocompatible dentures according to their Guidelines.

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